WebDeflect is relaunching with a service we hope will be better than ever!

We are currently unable to provide an ETA, but keep checking back!

UPDATE - 09/05/2019

Don't worry, we're still working on things.

We're close to providing an alpha for WebDeflect which will allow a select usergroup to test the website for WebDeflect along with SOME of the protection.

In this alpha, we will have full website use and partial protection use. The protection will only be on 1 server located in Europe just so that we can monitor usage, load, bandwidth, etc. Not all features will be working but MOST will.

If you would like to apply for usage in the WebDeflect Alpha program, please email "alpha@webdeflect.com" with the title "Alpha Program" and start the message with "I would like to participate" and tell us why you would like to participate in the Alpha program.